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MiniZ Moto Racer – Powaaaaaa!!!


We read that Kyosho will lauch in March 2012 a new product related with MiniZ, this time is a MinIZ Moto Racer …
This product will be launch in 5 steps:
Step 1: the last day of this year (12/31/2011)
Step 2: 01/12/2012
Step 3:  01/14/2012
Step 4: 10-22/01/2012
Step 5: March del 2012

We this that this steps are the dates of next launch and the dates that we will have more informations.
We want remember that Nurenberg Toy fair is on feb.

More things:
LiPo Battery, from  8 to 10 min. duration
Arround 20 Km/h (this means on a real scale 360 Km/h),
Escale 1/18
3 Channels, 2.4Ghz
Their mesures are  110mm WB and 65mm de H.



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Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy

We are well aware that at the beginning of November the  Kyosho mini-Z buggy  will start to distributed inthe Spanish market. For this reason we would like to let you know that it is now possible to reserve these cars on our TRP web site, especially given that there will be a limited initial supply of items. 
We expect for these cars to be able to run perfectly on our RCP-Tracks and also for them to be ready for racing in competitions in the near future.

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Kyosho MiniZ buggy

On the TRP webpage, you can find all the information you need on our new Miniz Buggy model that Kyosho has recently launched onto the market. Without a doubt it came as a pleasant surprise to us to find out that Kyosho wouldn´t be  abandoning the MiniZ and they would shortly be inaugurating a new category within the scale.