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Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy

We are well aware that at the beginning of November the  Kyosho mini-Z buggy  will start to distributed inthe Spanish market. For this reason we would like to let you know that it is now possible to reserve these cars on our TRP web site, especially given that there will be a limited initial supply of items. 
We expect for these cars to be able to run perfectly on our RCP-Tracks and also for them to be ready for racing in competitions in the near future.

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Kyosho MiniZ buggy

On the TRP webpage, you can find all the information you need on our new Miniz Buggy model that Kyosho has recently launched onto the market. Without a doubt it came as a pleasant surprise to us to find out that Kyosho wouldn´t be  abandoning the MiniZ and they would shortly be inaugurating a new category within the scale.

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PN Racing World Cup Regional 2011 – MadridZ

PN Racing World Cup Regional 2011 – MadridZ

Organizer: Club MiniZ MadridZ (649818648)

Competition Date: From 14 May  2011 to 15 May 2011

Inscription Date: From 30 March to 2011 to 11 Mayo 2011

See regulations

C/ Puerto de Urquiola N# 12 Legans, Madrid ·

Spain (peninsula)




Escoge el tipo de frecuencia / Choose the type of frequency

Escoge las modalidades en las que quieres participar /
Choose classes which you want to participate

EnviarVer condiciones


Inscribed in this competition
  Name Team Category
1 Juan Manuel Fernandez Rodriguez
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
2 Oscar (tango)
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
3 Lamb�s Diaz
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
4 Jes�s M. Broce�o Caminero
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
5 Rafael Ortiz Casado
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
Madriz Racing Team MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
6 Luis Enrique Carrasco Cuevas
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
7 Francisco Pe�a Fernandez
Leganes, Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
8 Carlos L�pez Mu�oz
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified

This application is a creation of the mini-z specialists

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MiniZ World Cup 2011

Incriptions for the regional races for this competition are still open. All clubs wishing to participate in this event must send  an email to: indicating:

– Sign (optional)

-Start date

-Finish date

-Opening date for inscriptions

-Competition location: Province, town/city, country, street

-Starting time

-Race categories

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A new function in the second hand radio control vehicle section

We have made a few minor modifications in the  TRP second hand product section. You now have the option of formatting with greater ease the texts used to advertise your radio control items. We also came up with the idea of including a tab or function which allows you to share such items on facebook. We know that most of you have an account with this social network so we have decided to assist you by way of promoting your second hand article among your friends of facebook. We hope that these new functions help you to sell your items more easily, whether it be vía our web site or through a social network. 

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MiniZ Mosler TRPscale: hand painted


TRP has recently posted on the web site, a new hand painted version of the  Mosler MT900 for the MiniZ MR02 and MR03. This first edition was painted and glazed manually, giving an impressive laquer finish. this finish gives a shiny look and also makes the car much more resistant to impacts. 

There will only be limited editions in which  the final colours will be decided by the audience of friends on Facebook. 

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Tools for the MiniZ by PN Racing

PN Racing has launched a set of 4 tools designed for radio control vehicles. Judging by their size, we can assure that they will function perfectly on the  Slot 1:24,  Slot 1:28  and  Slot 1:32 as with our own Mini-Z cars.

The tool grips are the same for the four existing models, with exchangeable heads with adjustable length via a screw in the grip. 

The heads that currently available are: Allen key-0.9,  Allen key-1.5, Philips, nut key – 4.5  ideal for the aluminium anti lock nuts of the mini-z.

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Kyosho 2.4Ghz MiniZ Monster

On our web site you can now find the new, uniquely-bodied  MiniZ Monster 2.4Ghz model which we were able to get a glimspe of at the Nuremberg fair. At last you have the chance to get maximum enjoyment out of an excellent transmitter and electronics for your MiniZ Monster. This particular version is even more special because it is highly equipped with many optional parts that would cost a fortune if they had to be bought separately. 



Equipped with the following standard optional parts:
MZW301: Motor X-Speed Mini-Z 2.4GHz / ICS.
MMW01: Bearing Set Mini-Z Monster.
MVW02: Optional suspension springs.
MVW05: Front oil shock absorbers.
MVW06: Rear oil shock absorbers.

MZW13BL: Blue wheel nuts. 
MMF05: Chrome-plated Mini-Z Monster accessories
– Special  Baja Buggy Volkswagen design for this limited edition only. 
-RA-18M electronics installed.
30% more power output than the  27MHz electronics.
ICS connector compatible with the optional ICS USB adapter (sold separately ), for more precise settings. 
KT-18 transmitter or those compatible.
8 AAA batteries if the KT-18 is used.