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Chronicles of the Grupo-Z PN Slot race in Egara Slot (Terrassa)

Greetings to you all,

Recently the Group Z PN Slot 1:28 was held and I would like to leave with you a few graphical documents depicting it.

Starting grid of the first leg

the starting grid of the second leg,

and here you have the final result:

the prizes handed out during the race, courtesy of TRP and Egara Slot.

the winners podium photo, each one of the winners receiving a complementary laser motor courtesy of TRP

in this photo there´s an «infiltrator», given that Ignasi had to leave as soon as he finished the race so they collected the prize in his name.

In the trophy decoration a clear winner was selected as well as a highly disputed second place. The winner was

its owner, being awarded the D. Enjalbert car body courtesy of TRP

the second place, with a difference of only one point -the quality oath of «ferry»- was for 

and the photo of its owner, receiving also a car body, courtesty of Egara slot, 

in conclusion, I leave you with the photos of the rest of the race participants. 

lastly, a car that in the end wasn´t able to participate in the race, but nevertheless will be in the championship to be held in 2010…

Many thanks to all of you who participated, we´ll see you at the next race!!

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Ismael Rojo joins the PN Racing Team

The North American spare parts manufacturer, PN Racing, has just made public their latest signing for their Mini-Z competitions. This time, the driver that will form part of the official PN racing team, together with Uri Valdé, is Ismael Rojo. «Isma», a mere 20 years old, is a driver with a background in classes such as the 1/10 touring gas and the 1/8 track.  
For the last 4 years Ismael has been competing with the Mini-Z in regional races (the Galicia zone) as well as on a national and international scale.

He is currently a member of the Zetiña club of Vigo, the city in which he resides. 

His sound record in these competions, his conduct both on and off the track and his high level of driving skills has not gone unnoticed by this large manufacturer. His outstanding result at the World Fair of the PN Racing World Cup 2009, held in badalona, was really what ignited things and led to his signing that had already been in the making for some time. 

Isma, in PN Racing will have the responsibility of testing out new parts for their evaluation and development and also of representing the brand in all of the competitions in which it competes.

The best of wishes to him and his new team.

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Photo Gallery of the PN Racing Word Cup 2009

For the first time since its creation, the PN Racing 2009 world cup final has been held in Spain.

Previously, the most important race on the world stage as far as the MiniZ is concerned, had been held in North American Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, las Vegas etc. and on one occaision, in Portugal.


This particular edition beat the record of number of registrations. Official drivers from different nationalities fighting for the world champion title; trade marks, manufacturers and sponsers alike were all heavily involved in the event. 

Large dimensions RCP Track;  spacious pit zone for working; prizes; Pn Racing girls; winner´s trophies etc. These are only a few of the ingredients that helped to create the big Mini-Z  world championship «fiesta» . 
Below you can see some of the images captured throughout the week.  
Photo gallery of the PN Racing Word Cup 2009
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Photo gallery and results of the Atomic International Race 2009 in HK.

8 countries participated in this event; with the best drivers and was held at the facilities of the commercial centre of Hong Kong Central Park.

The participating drivers came from China, France, Spain, USA, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and, of course, Hong Kong. The 50 participating drivers were in top form throughout the the competition.

The results:

Modify class – A Main


TQ: Chan Tin Lap (Hong Kong)
1st : Chung Wai Kit (Hong Kong)
2nd : Huang Hao Li (Taiwan)
3rd : Tsai Chen Chang (Taiwan)

Kyosho class – A Main
TQ: Joel Leung (Hong Kong)
1st : Joel Leung (Hong Kong)
2nd : Ken (Hong Kong)
3rd : Noe Miralta Bordas (Spain)


A few videos:


Photo gallery of the Atomic International Race 2009 results.

download photo

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Results of the Mini-Z PN Racing World Cup 2009

Class Racer Country Club
2WD Mod Alejandro Candel Laveda
RC Callosa
2WD Stock Jose Carlos Mesquita Pequito
AWD Mod Jacob Feinstein
Reflex Racing International
AWD Stock Hodei Urra
F1 Stock Jose Alberto Martins de Carvalho
Reflex Racing – XRT
PAN Car Mod Jacob Feinstein
Reflex Racing International
PAN Car Stock Andreas Megerlin
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Mini-Z Renault Megane TRPscale in Mataró

Using the PN Racing World Cup 2009 circuit, the heads of the Nippon Old Track held their penultimate race of the Miniz Renault Megane Cup.

From what we could see, the times were pretty good considering the fact that the track had been set up outdoors and that the dusty conditions on the circuit were not the most suitable. 

On Sunday the club decided to vacuum the track in order to provide better grip for those participating and also to open the possibilities for breaking records of the current world ranking of the Pn Racing World Cup.

Here you have a group of photos to see!

Take care and throttle up!


The results of the Mini-Z Renault Megane Trophy. (race at 7mins) 

Marc Moix : 39 Laps
David Moret : 39 Laps
Noe Miralta : 38 Laps
Xavi Fernandez : 38 Laps
Jose Javier Cruella: 37 Laps
Pau Calvo: 37 Laps
Uri Valdé: 37 Laps

The fastest lap was at the hands of Jose Javier Cruella clocking in at 9.912, a time which approaches those that USA drivers are reaching on the same track . 


Photo Gallery from the article on the Mini-Z Renault Megane TRP Scale in Mataró


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