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Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy

We are well aware that at the beginning of November the  Kyosho mini-Z buggy  will start to distributed inthe Spanish market. For this reason we would like to let you know that it is now possible to reserve these cars on our TRP web site, especially given that there will be a limited initial supply of items. 
We expect for these cars to be able to run perfectly on our RCP-Tracks and also for them to be ready for racing in competitions in the near future.

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Kyosho MiniZ buggy

On the TRP webpage, you can find all the information you need on our new Miniz Buggy model that Kyosho has recently launched onto the market. Without a doubt it came as a pleasant surprise to us to find out that Kyosho wouldn´t be  abandoning the MiniZ and they would shortly be inaugurating a new category within the scale.

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Tools for the MiniZ by PN Racing

PN Racing has launched a set of 4 tools designed for radio control vehicles. Judging by their size, we can assure that they will function perfectly on the  Slot 1:24,  Slot 1:28  and  Slot 1:32 as with our own Mini-Z cars.

The tool grips are the same for the four existing models, with exchangeable heads with adjustable length via a screw in the grip. 

The heads that currently available are: Allen key-0.9,  Allen key-1.5, Philips, nut key – 4.5  ideal for the aluminium anti lock nuts of the mini-z.

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Kyosho 2.4Ghz MiniZ Monster

On our web site you can now find the new, uniquely-bodied  MiniZ Monster 2.4Ghz model which we were able to get a glimspe of at the Nuremberg fair. At last you have the chance to get maximum enjoyment out of an excellent transmitter and electronics for your MiniZ Monster. This particular version is even more special because it is highly equipped with many optional parts that would cost a fortune if they had to be bought separately. 



Equipped with the following standard optional parts:
MZW301: Motor X-Speed Mini-Z 2.4GHz / ICS.
MMW01: Bearing Set Mini-Z Monster.
MVW02: Optional suspension springs.
MVW05: Front oil shock absorbers.
MVW06: Rear oil shock absorbers.

MZW13BL: Blue wheel nuts. 
MMF05: Chrome-plated Mini-Z Monster accessories
– Special  Baja Buggy Volkswagen design for this limited edition only. 
-RA-18M electronics installed.
30% more power output than the  27MHz electronics.
ICS connector compatible with the optional ICS USB adapter (sold separately ), for more precise settings. 
KT-18 transmitter or those compatible.
8 AAA batteries if the KT-18 is used.
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Kyosho DBX-VE available in Spain as of Febrero 2011

The recent electrical version of the Kyosho DBX car will be available in its VE electrical form, assembled with a  brushless  motor and the new Syncro transmitter by 2.4Ghz.

Fully assembled and adjusted Chassis.
Readyset model with RC 2.4GHz KT-200 set.
Brushless Team Orion Vortex 10 motor.
Team Orion Experience 2 Pro Speed Variator.
Equipped for use with NiMh o LiPo 7,4V batteries
High capacity suspension. 
Identical trapesiums, swing arms and suspension supports on the front and rear assemblies.
Air tight radio compartment.
Aluminium wheel nuts.
Options for intalling 1/8 tires. 4wd transmission system via paliers and three differentials.

Low center of gravity.


NiMh 7,2-8,4V or LiPo 7,4V * 8 transmitter Batterias/AA batteries for the transmitter.

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Kyosho DBX 2.0 Available in Spain in readyset

Kyosho DBX 2.0: Soon available in Spain in Ready set

As of the end of February the new Kyosho DBX 2.0. is now on sale in Spain. It incorporates the new Syncro Transmitter (with the 2.4 Ghz system) that was featured at that Nurenburg Fair. 

-Capatible with 1/8  rims and tires
-High capacity suspension.
-Special spring suspension.
-Digital servo for better control.
-Factory painted body with dazzling colours.
-Suspension design with multiple settings.
-Transmission ratio optimized for tires. 
Factory assembled.
Painted body.
 2.4GHz Syncro KT-200 transmitter
Transmitter batteries and receptor.
Spark plug clip.
Fuel feed.
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Suspension T-plates for the Mini-Z MR03 by QteQ

Suspension T-plates for the Mini-Z MR03 by QteQ                                                            

We recently received the latest novelty for the Mini-Z MR03. This time QteQ has suprised us with a their new rear suspension T-plate for the MiniZ MR03 ; not recommended for use by heart patients! At a quick glance you will see that there are an infinite number of  initial settings that can be adjusted. 
This T-plate by QteQ comes in two different versions; one for the 102mm MiniZ  and another for the 98mm Mini-Z . Aside from these two important differences, this manufacturer has provided 5 different colours that can be combined and applied to our Mini-Z (something that we have grown accustomed to). 

It is evident that this is no conventional T-plate ni that  the part requires much more precise settings plus it must be tested out on the track in order to achieve the desired «feel».  By modifying the multiple settings that the part offers we can produce very different responses from the T-plate that will affect the lateral torsion of the rear of your chassis as well as the lowering of the rear asembly.  

In order to better understand the different settings,  it is important that you download the  instruction manual  that we have cut-and-pasted together so that you can at least get somewhat orientated as to how to adjust this new suspension T-plate. 

Here you can download the manual of the 4BTB suspension T-platep by QTEQ.

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TRPscale New spacers for aluminium differentials

A 4 piece kit is provided for mounting the wheel opposite the differential crown on our Mini-Z´s. This could be a very useful option if you use a differential of the Kyosho series which includes a plastic part that provides enough tolerance. By replacing this plastic part for an aluminium one the play of the wheel will disappear and the car will show greater stability. 

Along with the  spacers set, an M3 allen screw set will also be supplied to allow for the excellent mounting of the differencial axle.

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White BMW M3 GTR now available

This is the R246 version of the Mini-Z  body that replicates the BMW M3 E46. This version of the replica is that of the white GTR model that includes quite a large competition type wing. 

As far as the mold is concerned it is the same one that Kyosho used some years ago and the R246 is a real bombshell for carrying out new decorations.
Just as is indicated on the product package, this car body is valid for the Mini-Z MR02 MM and the Mini-Z MR03 Wide MM

This car body forms part of a total collection of 7 BMW M3 car bodies that will be described below:

* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No. 6
* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No.10
* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No.42
* BMW M3 GTR 24h Daytona 2004 No.21
* BMW M3 GTR Nurburgring 2003 No. 43
* BMW M3 GTR Nurburgring 2005 No. 1
* BMW M3 GTR White Body

Version that we have at hand don´t include the rims needed for our chassis; which means that we will have to buy a set of rims that come with the model. 

We recommend the use of wide 11mm rims with a +0mm offset and a narrow 8,5mm front assembly with an offset  of +0mm. 

The body is well made even though the decoration isn´t as impeccable as what we are used to seeing with Kyosho´s decorations. 
The detail of the side exhaust pipes using stickers and the non elimination of the rear exhaust pipes gives a certain lack of realism.

On a more subjective note the wing seems a bit over sized and over done. However, what does seem like a good idea is that of recovering the former Kyosho body that in its day worked out very well but didn´t have any competition decorations available for it.